R.C. Caviness

RC started at Double Oak Construction in May of 1996 as an Operator. He progressed to Foreman and by 1999 had completed one of Double Oak's largest jobs to date of over three million dollars. Shortly thereafter, RC was promoted to General Superintendent, managing ten dirt, four clearing, and several sub crews. Under RC and Mike William's leadership, Double Oak grew to a fourteen million dollar annual company.  

In 2007, the construction industry took a down turn but Double Oak was able to sustain by expanding into other areas of construction. RC's leadership and experience was key in helping keep Double Oak's doors open.

In 2011, Mike Williams decided to sell the company, giving RC first option to buy with a partner. RC & Jim began the purchase of Double Oak in 2012 and became full owners in 2015.



Double Oak Construction has been in business since 1994. It is currently a leader in the dirt industry of Houston construction, setting up the infrastructure in many of the area's new planned communities. 

Jim Winter